Rewards for your recommendations

Introduce a candidate that that successfully lands a role via the Liberty Hive platform or if you recommend us to a company that successfully fills a role, we will reward you with £250 to spend how you like!


As new clients join the platform every week, it is essential we have a wide mix of candidates looking for both freelance and permanent opportunities.

We have been bowled over by the support from our Liberty Hive community. Your word of mouth has helped us to grow and for this we can’t thank you enough.

In fact, people’s generosity in terms of time and introductions has been amazing, so we think it is time to put together a proper referral scheme where we can reward you for your support.

Help us spread the Liberty Hive word - feel free to forward this to anyone that might be interested and even better connect us via LinkedIn or an email introduction:

Kate Merritt -
Laura Braithwaite -

Thanks again for your much appreciated support