What's next for Salary Transparency?

Government response to Liberty Hive



The Government is urging employers to adopt salary transparency and has acknowledged the important work Liberty Hive has done in promoting fair pay.  


The response to our open letter from the Equality Hub at the Cabinet Office outlines how the Pay Transparency Pilot scheme will be moved under the Inclusion at Work Panel.  The panel aims to “tackle bias and ensure fairness in the workplace.”


We launched our Salary Transparency campaign earlier this year and wrote an open letter to Lord Younger at the Department for Work and Pensions.  Our letter asked when the Government’s pay transparency pilot scheme will finish and when the findings will be published, with the hope legislation change may become a reality in the UK soon.


The Equality Hub said, “The Government continues to call on employers to provide salary information in all of their job adverts, and to stop asking about previous salary during recruitment. The Government’s ambition is that, by giving everyone the information to understand what their skills are worth, and preventing them from being held back by their previous earnings, this will empower them to negotiate on a level playing field.”


We are pleased the Government has responded to our letter and are encouraged that they are urging employers to embrace salary transparency, recognising the growing evidence it reduces pay inequality.


We look forward to seeing the results of the Pay Transparency Pilot and hope to contribute to the work of the Inclusion at Work Panel.


Laura & Kate

Liberty Hive Co-Founders