Top Tips for Candidates

Ever wondered exactly what a potential employer is actually looking for when searching for a new team member?

Well wonder no longer. Tom Wallace of Cousin Media Group has very kindly shared the top 5 things he looks for when interviewing candidates:


We work in the entertainment category and for colleagues and clients to see enthusiastic people in the business is hugely important for us. We also find the more enthused staff are about what they do, the quicker they are to learn and the more pro activeness we see across all areas of the business.

We look for people with analytical problem-solving minds. Given how much the advertising industry is changing we want individuals in the business to challenge conformity across all facets of our business as the environment changes. 


We want people in our business to take responsibility and autonomy for the great work they do. We give people that breathing space to operate in the most efficient manner for them and at the same time hope that by giving them that space they are proactive in their role.

The speed with which digital media especially and the entertainment world move means generally we’re working across multiple projects at any given time so individuals that are efficient with their time and can handle multiple things at once are becoming more essential!


We really pride ourselves on our relationships with clients and media owners alike and feel that personalities that are excited about meeting people and growing relationships within our industries benefit hugely in terms of their learning curve and creative thinking.

Tom is currently looking for an Account Manager to work across all facets of the business, driving client strategy, producing detailed media plans and implementing multi-channel media across their portfolio of entertainment clients.

For more information about the role, you can log onto your Liberty Hive dashboard here or drop our Talent Director Laura Lowry a message.