We ask the Government: What's next for Salary Transparency?

A year since the UK Government launched its pay transparency pilot, we are asking them: what’s next for salary transparency?


The Government’s salary transparency pilot scheme was launched a year ago on International Women’s Day and has seen participating employers list salary details on job adverts. Employers have also stopped asking about salary history during recruitment. The scheme was run by Baroness Stedman-Scott, who recently stood down from Government.


So, we have written an open letter to Lord Younger who was recently appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions. The letter asks when this pilot will finish and when the findings will be published, with the hope legislation change may become a reality in the UK soon.


We hope this will nudge Lord Younger into providing an update on the salary transparency pilot. Both employers and employees will be keen to see the results and data of the pilot whilst they endeavour to understand what is next for the future of pay transparency in the UK.


Read the full open letter here: https://www.libertyhive.com/landing/open-letter-to-the-government-salary-transparency